• In search of typography adventure with Handmadefont and The Cabin Supply Co

    The greatest journey always starts with friendship. A close collaboration with The Cabin Supply Co, a company from New Zealand whose main goal is to maintain the spirit of adventures and nature all around the globe, is a partnership we treasure. We are proud of fruits of our joint labour: just have a glance at [...] More  →
  • Never-ending Handmadefont Story at Digital Agency Network

    The idea comes before everything. The idea that brought to life Handmadefont, a font-designing company from Estonia, was both simple and beautiful: you can be inspired by everything that surrounds you. Al l that you need is having a look around. So yes, simplicity is the soul of genius – this is the very thought that [...] More  →
  • Explore the world of design together with Handmadefont and TYPO BERLIN

    TYPO BERLIN, one of the biggest design events is on its way and we at Handmadefont are happy to say that this year we are involved in it not only as a contributor and visitor but also as a partner and friend. TYPO BERLIN is one of the best platforms for typography, advertising and graphic [...] More  →
  • Vladimir and Maksim brothers answer the questions from DESIGNBOTE.com

    Vladimir and Maksim brothers, founders and owners of handmadefont.com online shop and foundry of unique handcrafted fonts. Is this crafty working method somehow rooted in a Baltic tradition? We love to say that we are looking for sources of inspiration everywhere, so yes, some of our products are influenced by our homeland culture. Estonia is [...] More  →
  • Filyenius Font

    Handmadefont starts reselling handcrafted fonts by artists

    Finally, we are happy to share with you that Handmadefont initiative to introduce not only our own fonts, but also fonts by other artists has just started. From Paris with love: meet Filyenius Font, an amazing colorful creation by Maria Vilenius and LiNan Ye, our contributors and an extremely talented artists from France. With this charming alphabet you will [...] More  →
  • This amazing animated handmadefont logo

    This amazing animated #handmadefontlogo was created by a great artistic tandem. Thank you guys! @goddaezer and Dương Hoàng More  →
  • #handmadefontlogo

    Once we woke up and thought: why not unite artists from all over the globe! We encouraged those we appreciate most of all to draw their own unique Handmadefont letterings exclusively for our Instagram project #handmadefontlogo. Amongst them Abed Azarya, Dmitriy Tkachev, Gosha Bondarev, Jimbo Bernaus, David A Smith, and many more. We received a huge pile of video [...] More  →
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